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Which Girl-on-Girl Couple Is Your Favorite Femslash Pairing? (POLL)

Last week we asked you to name your favorite guy-on-guy slash pairing, but the bros aren’t the only ones who get to be gay. And by “gay,” we of course mean “happy” — as in, happy to be objectified in shamelessly-fun homoerotic fan fiction!

Millions of women (and men), regardless of their own sexual preferences, enjoy imagining and writing about outwardly-straight female characters of movies and TV shows indulging in secret same-sex hookups.

Below we’ve compiled some of the most en vogue femslash pairings, so you tell us: Who are your favorite ambiguously-gay gal pals in recent pop culture?

Hot, hot, hot!

I miss the days of Buffy/Faith...

And, if you’re more interested in XY chromosomes, see whom you selected as your fave guy-on-guy slash pairing.

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