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The X Factor

Who Are The X Factor 2012’s Top 16 Finalists?

While we secretly believe that Simon Cowell enjoyed axing his two unlucky cuts on the third installment of The X Factor judges’ houses, we felt all sorts of feelings watching dreams be dashed and hopes heightened simultaneously. So, who made it through to the Live Shows (which begin October 31, 2012, on FOX) — and who will have to be satisfied living on in fame purgatory? Read on, y’all.

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Britney’s Teens (12-16)

Diamond White continues to wow us with her big voice and sweet sounds. We fell in love with Lady D before we ever met her on
X Factor, and don’t see an end to our adoration any time soon. Whether she’s singing Avril Lavigne or James Brown, This shining star can be counted on to deliver a gorgeous performance. (CONFIRMED)

Carly Rose Sonenclar made her competitors want to quit singing and take up a new talent when they saw her sing “Brokenhearted” during her performance for Brit and The 13-year-old powerhouse Broadway veteran is almost certainly going to go far and has been a lock for the Top 16 since we heard her first sing “Feeling Good.” Our bet? Top 4 at least. (CONFIRMED)

Arin Ray is the most experienced at this process, having made it pretty far last season as a member of the group inTENsity (yeah, we still can’t get over the name either). This year, the judges have mentioned that he seems to have grown (hotter). Will it be enough? We can’t wait to see. (CONFIRMED)

Beatrice Miller somehow manages to seem like the wisest middle schooler ever, whether talking about her movie experience or singing pop songs. Since she nails pretty much every performance, her biggest obstacle is going to be standing out against that other big-voiced 13-year-old, to whom she will certainly be compared while on the show. (CONFIRMED)

Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Demi’s Young Adults (17-24)

Jennel Garcia is sexy and cute and has a closet full of short-shorts. She sings strong, but had a problem taking Demi’s advice with a grain of salt. Will she be able to overcome her age and make it to the end? (CONFIRMED)

Willie Jones is a curious combination of low country sounds and R&B jazz. He bounced back from a speed bump in Boot Camp and had the nerve to attack the same song in the Judges’ Houses round. Will his charm and bolo ties (so many bolo ties) be enough to make the world love him? (CONFIRMED)

CeCe Frey has made waves with her fierce attitude and, um, leopard-print face. Lucky for her, she’s got the talent to back it up. Whether wailing some “I Will Always Love You” or slowing down hits like “Sexy and I Know It” to make it her own, she shines. Will she be able to get the votes she needs to make it far? (CONFIRMED)

Paige Thomas has a sweet story, crazy clothes, and a shocking similarity to Rihanna. But is she too sensitive to stand up to the pressure of her fellow competitors — and the game itself? She’s been solid so far, but only time will tell. (CONFIRMED)

Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

L.A. Reid’s Overs (25+)

David Correy just really wants to find his mom, okay? Lucky for us, we get to listen to him sing until he does... Can he be the best tattooed borderline rock singer on the show? He’ll have to beat Vino to get there. (CONFIRMED)

Jason Brock has no problem standing out against a sea of talent. His take on Billy Joel honored the original, but showed his entertainer-at-heart flare. Can he connect with the voter audience on a personal level? We have yet to see. (CONFIRMED)

Tate Stevens has been a favorite of ours since our cowboy hat-wearing boyfriend stepped on screen. We admittedly dig that he might be a little cut-throat and we can’t wait to see what happens when he sings a little outside of his comfort zone. (CONFIRMED)

Vino Alan makes our hearts feel funny when his vibrationally gorgeous voice hits the notes on soulful singles, like Ray LaMontagne’s “Trouble.” But can the face tattoo-having (sorry CeCe, this one is real) sensitive rock-punk get the love he needs to make it to the end? (CONFIRMED)

Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Simon’s Groups
Emblem3 has a brand of SoCal cool that you just can’t teach. Whether that is interchangeable for “X Factor” is yet to be seen. The trio (Emblem3, guys. The 3 is symbolic) sing their originals to much fanfare, but fell a little flat on a cover because one of them got distracted by the sun. We’re not kidding. (CONFIRMED)

Lyric 145 has two great things going for it: a pirate-eyed female rapper and serious chemistry. Even though the trio was thrown together by Daddy Cowell and Co., they blew us away at Judges’ Houses. Will they be able to share the spotlight between the three talents? (CONFIRMED)

LYLAS will have to impress us in direct proportion to their painfully sweet name. The diverse group of ladies will go far if they continue to grow from their impressive debut of “Impossible.” (CONFIRMED)

Sister C has been called “annoying” and “unlikable” by the female half of the judges’ table, so it’s lucky they were grouped in with Simon (we make jokes even through the tears of joy). Their curious and beguiling harmonies could have made or broke them — in the end it was enough to put them through. Sister C you in the live shows! (Badoom.) (CONFIRMED)

Did your favorites make it? Who do you think will go far, and who’s just stopping by? Tell us everything.

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