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Will Daniel Grayson Uncover Emily Thorne’s True Identity on Revenge?

Tides are a changin' in the Hamptons, and we're not just talking about, you know, the actual tide. Emily Thorne has spun a sticky web of lies, and it looks like her cover is about to be blown! Not only does Mason Treadwell know Fauxmanda is an imposter, it looks like our beloved Daniel is also close to finding out the truth.

Danny Boy knows David Clarke invested in Nolcorp, and once he puts two and two together on that ‘80s calculator of his, he'll probably realize that David's daughter owned half the company. Of course, Daniel currently thinks Fauxmanda is David's daughter, but that could change.

Don't forget that Danny is hell bent on bringing down the Graysons...much like Mason Treadwell. If these two join sleuthy forces, it's only a matter of time before Mason tells Daniel that Mandy is a fraud, which means they'll both be on the hunt for the OG Amanda Clarke. Now, before you start hurling chunks of lobster at your computer in a panic, think about this: If Daniel discovers the truth about Emily, it means they can finally move forward with their relationship. Their 'ship was sunk by an iceberg of lies, but the truth will set them free, ya'll.

Do you think Daniel will find out who Em really is? Fingers crossed, because we need these two to get back together, like, yesterday.

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11.1.2012 / 09:30 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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