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Jersey Shore

Will New Jersey Rebuild the Jersey Shore?

Hurricane Sandy has devastated the beachside vacation towns that Jersey Shore helped make famous. Many boardwalks along the Jersey shore are completely washed away, while amusement parks, seafront stores, and parks suffered heavy damage. We'd been assuming that there would be a rush to fix the seaside towns, but it turns out not everyone wants to things returned to the status quo.

The Associated Press reports that some "environmentalists and shoreline planners" are advocating for the state to think long and hard about how, or if, to redevelop the hot vacation spots.

U.S. Geological Survey’s Woods Hole Science Center scientist S. Jeffress Williams explained that, due to climate change, the weather patterns in "the next 50 to 100 years are going to be very different than what we’ve seen in the past 50 years" — specifically, he expects the Jersey Shore is in for even more devastating storms.

So, is rebuilding the Shore a bad idea? Most people aren't going that far. But Williams and his fellow advocates are hoping that in the future storm and flooding safety will be in the forefront of developers' minds.

Governor Chris Christie has confirmed that the Shore will be rebuilt, saying in an evening briefing, "I don’t believe in a state like ours, where the Jersey Shore is such a part of life, that you just pick up and walk away."

The Shore will live on, but it might look a bit different in the future — hopefully different enough to weather future storms with less destruction.

Learn how to help victims of Hurricane Sandy here.

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Source: Associated Press via the Washington Post

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11.1.2012 / 10:59 PM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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