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5 Things That Still Haven’t Been Explained on Revenge

We love the complex twists on Revenge, but sometimes important questions are left unanswered. Our favorite show does a great job at weaving intricate plotlines, but there are some stories left open-ended.

Here are the five main questions Revenge has yet to answer:

1) How Did Victoria Get Off the Plane?
We saw the White-Haired Man call Victoria and get her to cooperate with his plan to take down Conrad, but how did she then get off the plane without being noticed? Did she break out through the airplane toilet, Catch-Me-If-You-Can-style?

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2) Did Lydia Davis Really Die?
We know Lydia was on Vicki’s plane and Conrad’s already alluded to the fact that she’s a goner, but we never saw a body or the actual explosion. And when you don’t see the body, chances are there’s a deeper story. So where’s Lydia?

3) Was Conrad’s Evidence Destroyed?
The evidence that indicted Conrad in the terrorist plot that brought down David Clarke was on Victoria’s plane. When she made her exit, did she grab the tell-tale case? Or is there no other link the implicates Conrad?

Credit: Collen Hayes/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

4) What Happened to the White-Haired Man’s Body?
Aiden killed Gordon Murphy, but then Emily knocked out Aiden. But how did she dispose of both bodies without anyone, especially her next door neighbor, noticing? That bullet looked pretty fatal, but when will his body be uncovered?

5) Why Was Victoria Not Arrested for Amanda’s Fall?
A pregnant woman fell backwards off of Victoria Grayson’s second-floor balcony after the Ice Queen practically pushed her, and no one asks a single question? After Victoria’s been in the media’s spotlight all these years, wouldn’t they jump on this opportunity to place the blame of this injury on her?

Do you think these questions will ever be answered? Weigh in below!

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11.2.2012 / 02:30 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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