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The X Factor

Eliminated X Factor Finalist David Correy: 5 Things You Need to Know

Is it just us, or does everything seem right with the world now that David Correy and his jaunty fedora are in our lives? If you've come to love this dazzling singer/songwriter as much as we do, you're probably itching to know every single detail about his life. Which brings us to this roundup! Check out five things you need to know about David.

1. He's Adopted — But Guys? He Found His Birth Mom!
Remember when David first emerged from X Factor's nurturing bosom and announced that he was an orphan trying to find his mom through music? This tattooed prodigy was given up by his birth mother during his infancy, but fear not y’alls — they were recently reunited through the power of the interwebs. David's mom, Luciene, reached out to him with the help of Brazilian newspapers, which brings us to (drum roll, please)....

2. He's From Brazil
Ever wonder how David got his swarthy good looks and love for fedoras? He hails from the gorgeous paradise known as Brazil — specifically the city of Recife. Davey came to the USofA after his mom gave him up (she was just 14 at the time), and his adoptive parental units raised him in Maryland.

3. He Went to the Acclaimed Berklee College of Music
David was lucky enough to be recognized for his talent at a young age. In fact, he was so skilled that he received a four year scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston (side note: must eat cream pie). Sadly, David came down with an illness in Bean Town, which resulted in him losing his voice and moving home during his sophomore year. Awww, buddy! L.A.'s shoulder is there for you to lean on.

4. He Founded His Own Record Label
David is almost as passionate about his musical career as he is about his body tattoos (read: super passionate). Before oozing his talents all over X Factor, Davey had already founded his very own label, Urban Rock Records. David says the label is about "Getting a group of people in a room, who wouldn’t happen to cross paths but by chance with the power of my multicultural fusion, color becomes abstract & music becomes whole." Sounds fab!

5. He Was in High School Musical(s)
Guys, we have a feeling that David is a major Gleek. This superstar-in-the-making has sung his way through many a high school musical, but theater nerding just wasn't enough to quell his thirst for SONG. Yep, David would sneak off to the boy's room to sing in private, which basically makes him The Fonz. "I was the king of taking bathroom breaks," he says. Good to know.

Source: Studio Dope / E! / DMV Life

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11.2.2012 / 06:31 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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