7 Crazy Facts About Jersey Shore’s Deena Nicole Cortese
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Jersey Shore

7 Crazy Facts About Jersey Shore’s Deena Nicole Cortese

Deena Nicole may have joined the Jersey Shore cast late, but she more than made up for it with her “blast in a glass” personality, her meatball moments, and the way she seamlessly fit in with the rest of the cast. On the heels of her mysterious decision to quit Twitter (for the day) at the height of her fame, we dug up 7 crazy facts about everyone’s favorite walking holiday.

1. Deena Nicole originally auditioned for Season 1, but turned it down. MTV hired Deena during the Season 1 audition process, when she tried out along with then-unknown Snooki. But Deena turned down the opportunity “to be with her family.” After Angelina quit for the second time in Season 2, Snooki recommended her meatball in crime to replace her.

2. She dropped the F-bomb 21 times during her audition tape. In Deena’s wild and crazy audition tape for Season 1 (below), she seemed to be working a different persona than the sweet, lovable meatball we’ve come to know. She talks about how sad it is when she walks into clubs and all the girls are jealous of her, and all the guidos with “nice eyebrows” and “nice teeth” want to get with her. We’re glad she toned it down.

3. Chris is the first boyfriend she’s spent Valentine’s Day with. In an interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Deena confessed that Valentine’s Day 2012 was the first time she’d ever spent the lovey dovey day with a boyfriend in her life.

7 Crazy Facts About Jersey Shore’s Deena Nicole Cortese
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4. Her older sister Joanie dated The Situation’s brother. In Season 5, Deena found out the old-fashioned way that her older sister Joanie, a teacher, was involved with The Situation’s older brother Frank. They even ran into each other at a club, and everything seemed to be going well until she heard a rumor that Frank was saying Joanie did crazy things in bed. Last we heard, they’d broken up.

5. She was caught saying the N-word on MySpace before she came on Jersey Shore. In a MySpace video (remember those?), Deena was putting on her tough girl front, and reportedly said, “And now we're gonna play you out, n---! Do not try to play us!" She later apologized for using it, saying she was just using it as slang.

6. She met Snooki through Snooki’s ex-boyfriend. In an interview with People, Deena Nicole explained that “We knew each other through [Snooki’s] ex-boyfriend. She used to date one of my friends ... and as soon as we met, it was just like heaven.”

7. She endorses a hair care line. Back in January, Deena announced that she would be endorsing Wisper hair products, and even appeared in a promotional video singing its praises.

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