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Jersey Shore

Deena Nicole on Boyfriend Chris: “He’s the Only Guy That Ever Made Me Orgasm”

Talk about TMI!

In this week’s episode of Jersey Shore, Deena Nicole got day-wasteypants (again) and started divulging details about her and boyfriend Chris Buckner’s sex life to Ronnie.

“We have great sex,” Deena told Ronnie. “He’s the only guy that ever made me orgasm. I never orgasmed until him.” Whoa!

Granted, Deena’s lips were loosened by alcohol, so this probably isn’t something that she would tell Ronnie normally. (And also probably not something that she would tell him on camera!) But, this is why we love Deena. She’s honest, hilarious, and finds a way to remain adorable even when she’s getting drunk.

Were you surprised by Deena’s secret about her sex life?

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