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Glee Season 4: [Spoiler] Is Texting [Spoiler] to Get Back Together — But It’s Not Working!

It sounds like Blaine (Darren Criss) will be trying everything he can to get Kurt (Chris Colfer) to take him back when Glee returns next week. Whether it will actually work is, well, another story.

When we last saw Kurt and Blaine on Glee during Season 4, Episode 4 "The Break-Up" (which feels like roughly 30 years ago at this point this hiatus is killing us!), Blaine bought a seriously amazing bouquet of flowers to try to get Kurt to talk to him again. However, not even flowers won Kurt over which is how you know it’s serious! Looks like it’s time for Plan B.

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When the show returns, we’ll see that Blaine is sending Kurt a slew of texts in effort to open up communication again, according to TV Line. That sounds like a good sign, right? Er, not so fast.

“Kurt keeps ignoring those texts,” TV Line reveals. Gah — we’re sobbing! And now we need to put up one of those “Caution — Wet Floor” signs, as our sudden deluge of tears seems to be creating a safety hazard.

Wow! We were really hoping for some shred of good Klaine news as we get closer to Glee’s return from the hiatus, but it’s sounding like that’s not gonna happen. Maybe one of those texts will manage to convince Kurt to hear him out? We can only hope.

And in other news, TV Line also reveals that Finn (Cory Monteith) is going to be utterly clueless about how to run a choir when he takes over as head of New Directions for Schue (Matthew Morrison). Finn will be preparing them for Sectionals but “doesn’t know what he’s doing,” says producer Brad Falchuk. Don’t worry, Finn — we have complete faith a fair amount of faith in you!

Source: TV Line

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