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Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Did Blake Jenner Just Hint That Marley Kisses Ryder on Thanksgiving?

Get ready to watch Ryder go into emotional chaos on Thanksgiving!

We’re beyond excited to finally meet Glee Project winner Blake Jenner’s character Ryder in next week’s Season 4, Episode 5: “The Role You Were Born to Play,” especially as we find out more and more about Ryder, the dyslexic football player who inadvertently ends up in New Directions.

Blake tells The Hollywood Reporter that adjusting to life in the glee club will be a lot for Ryder to handle. “When you're dealing with glee club and Grease, you have to study lines, and Ryder has to work very hard at it," Blake says. "It hits a point where it's a little too hard for him, and all his emotions pour out like gravy on Thanksgiving.”

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But what exactly makes Blake get so emotional — and could it be Marley (Melissa Benoist)-related? We know that Marley and Ryder will take an immediate shine to one another, since they’ll be co-starring in Grease. So could Ryder be the guy whom Marley kisses — and is this why Ryder gets all kinds of emotional? Things are getting interesting!

Blake also says that a certain McKinley grad will become a big brother figure for Ryder. “Ryder looks up to Finn (Cory Monteith) and sees him as a role model and mentor and wants to try and be what Finn is because throughout Finn's time in New Directions, he's grown as a person,” Blake explains.

Finn as a mentor? Uh, we sorta think that Finn himself needs a mentor these days, given how directionless he’s been lately. But we suppose that if Finn being Ryder’s mentor means that the two cuties start an adorable bromance, then we’re all for it!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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