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Guest Blogger Angela Taylor Hylland: You Might Be a Mom If…

Loop du Loop is proud to present the first guest post by Angela Taylor Hylland, the blogger behind one of our fave mommy blogs, My Castle Heart. For her first post, Angela takes us through 10 things that make us easily identifiable as moms — we’re pretty sure you’ll be saying “amen” to them all. Take it away, Angela!

You might be a mom if...

1. Your life is tenuously held together by white board scribblings in your kitchen.
2. You’re haunted by a perpetual basket of unfolded laundry.
3. Your iPad has difficulty registering your touch through all the muck.
4. You have an emergency snack in every purse.
5. Your walls have been overtaken by finger-paint canvases.
6. There is a questionable stain on your shirt, and you’re willing to gamble no one will notice.
7. Your husband assumes you have wipes on hand, even on a romantic dinner date.
8. Your phone might be in a toy box, cupboard, or toilet as you read this. If not, the day is still young.
9. You talk openly about poop more often than you could’ve ever imagined.
10. You love the pint-size reason behind all of these things — and wouldn’t have it any other way.

About Angela Taylor Hylland
Angela is a Seattle-based mom, writer, and entrepreneur. Marketing and games are her day job, but her passions are family, art, travel, and living life to the fullest. She’s currently writing a book to help families pass on memories of a beloved family member to a child. Follow her adventures in life and parenting on

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11.2.2012 / 11:26 PM EDT by Angela Taylor Hylland
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