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The X Factor

How Will X Factor 2012 Cuts Work? Simon Cowell Explains Live Show Eliminations

We know what you’re thinking: How could we even begin to think about the end of the road for these bright, talented contestants, when they all have such great futures?

We’re having a little “stages of grief” issue over here at the thought of losing even one of the talented 16 in the finals. So, we’ll cut to the chase: it’s time to talk about what’s going to happen on the live show tonight.

When we chatted with Simon Cowell this week, he said the following about eliminations:

“Well, basically, at the top on Thursday’s show, we’re going to reveal which contestants are safe. The ones who aren’t safe are going to go into a series of sing-offs, one against one, and then a number of them are going to be eliminated. I’m not going to say the exact numbers yet because we want to tell the contestants live on TV wants going to happen.”

Each of the judges will then have a vote (“we probably won’t all agree” he says) and “whoever’s left will go into next Wednesday’s show to face the public vote.” For anyone watching last night’s broadcast, it sounded a lot like Mario Lopez said there will be four contestants eliminated. As for whether or not an equal number from each team will get the nix, Simon said “that could vary.”

Death matches? Judge-on-judge drama? Live crying? Sounds like primetime television at its finest.

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11.2.2012 / 05:01 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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