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The Bachelorette

Jef Goes Incognito in Hipster Glasses, Continues to Flirt With the Ladies

Jef Holm is a man of the people, and those people happen to be ladies. In other words, dude is a ladies man. It's like he just can't help how studly he is, mmmkay? It's not like he asks girls to rush up to him in sexual extacy, it just happens naturally.

Jef is rumored to be in his home state of Utah, where he's taken to hunkering down in the snow and roaming around sororities with college students. It's called going on the rebound, something that Jef is willing and ready to do wherever, whenever, however. Even in grocery stores!

Check out this adorable photo of Jef with two random gals at the store, which was aptly captioned "polygamy at its finest." Oh, Jef. You might think wandering around in thick frame glasses and jeans from 1995 counts as a disguise, but we see you and your studly self.

Do you think Jef is going too far with his lady lovin', or is he just enjoying singledom?

Source: Instagram