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Jenelle Evans Gets Stood Up By Boyfriend Courtland Rogers — Are They Over?!

Jenelle Evans has 99 problems and her boyfriend is one. This gal has fallen head-over-Uggs for Courtland Rogers, and they're already shacked up and happier than ever! In fact, Courtland was even going to accompany Jenelle to New York City this weekend to film a reunion special with Dr. Drew, but then? Then Courtland rejected Jenelley at the last minute, breaking her heart while doing so.

"Having panic attacks all day," Jenelle tweeted in despair. "Crying on the plane … Ugh wtf why did I have to do this alone?!"

So, what was Courtland's excuse? Apparently, boyfriend had a sudden court date (you know, the usual), and Jenelle isn't having it. "I don't believe that," she tweeted after landing in NYC.

Luckily, it seems like Courty and Jenelle have made up and are doing better than ever! "Awhhhhh love u gorgeous <3 TO DEATH :'(" Jenelley tweeted in the wee hours of November 2.

Awww, how cute! Well, other than the part where "to death" is written in all caps. Shudder.

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