Jersey Shore Brings Back Painful Memories of Pre-Sandy Seaside Heights for Cast
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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Brings Back Painful Memories of Pre-Sandy Seaside Heights for Cast

This week was bittersweet for the cast of Jersey Shore. On the one hand, a new episode aired on Thursday, but on the other they (and viewers everywhere) were forced to remember the devastating damage that Hurricane Sandy brought to Seaside Heights. Somehow, seeing Seaside in all its fun, sun-filled glory just made the the pain of the Hurricane hurt that much more. And the cast noticed.

Vinny tweeted while watching the new episode, “I've never watched Jersey Shore like I am tonight. Mind boggling to think its gone.”

Sammi, a native of New Jersey, also took a moment to remember her old haunt.

“New episode of Jersey Shore.. So crazy seeing seaside.. Tear.”

On a lighter note, Pauly D tried to get #restoretheshore trending on Twitter, “in honor of Jerzday.”

The cast and MTV have been open about trying to help Seaside recover from the hurricane. MTV released a statement earlier today that they intend to help the town, but are currently looking for the best way to do that. The cast have all been tweeting their support for Seaside (save Deena, who is without power). Snooki donated her clothes to the victims and promised to make a pledge to the rescue efforts while Vinny filmed a special PSA that aired during Jersey Shore this week that urged viewers to donate to the Red Cross.

Learn how to help victims of Hurricane Sandy here.


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