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The Bachelorette

Mysterious “Jef Holm’s Ex” Twitter Account Alleges Emily Maynard Caught Jef Cheating

Let’s get this out of the way first: The URL for Twitter handle “Jef Holm’s Ex” is the same as for the hypothetical (but forever in our dreams) “Jef Holm Sex.” Moving on...

Someone has created a @JefHolmsEx Twitter account to burst our Jef Holm daydream bubble. The user purports to be an ex girlfriend, and explains the reason for the handle: “I joined here to warn these young girls about Jef Holm. He isn't worth the heartache. I am so glad Emily Maynard figured it out!”

But that’s not all, folks. @JefHolmsEx alleges Emily caught Jef cheating “with one of us,” adding that Jef now has a 19-year-old girlfriend named Haley Hutchins. The user also says Kaylee Shepherd wasn’t the only girl Jef was seeing prior to leaving for The Bachelorette:

He was dating 5 girls at one before he went on the Bachelorette. After filming was over, he met up with all of us to explain he went on the show for fun and wanted to start up the relationships again. And he did. We never knew he won or was engaged, not until it came out, then he decided to be faithful to Emily. LOL We all kept his secret because he was "such" a nice guy and asked us to. We never knew about the others until he got caught by Emily with one of us.”

What do you think? Do you believe this person is speaking from first-hand (and seemingly broken-hearted) experience? Or, is this a Jef Holm ex-girlfriend imposter?

Source: @JefHolmsEx