Tammin Sursok: Jenna Knows More Than You Think on Pretty Little Liars — Exclusive
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Pretty Little Liars

Tammin Sursok: Jenna Knows More Than You Think on Pretty Little Liars — Exclusive

Jenna Marshall has always been one of the most fascinating and ambiguous characters on Pretty Little Liars, so we were excited to have a chance to chat with Tammin Sursok about what's coming up for her character on the Season 3 winter season.

Read on for Tammin's thoughts on playing a villain, Jenna's arc this season, and how she relates to the "A" team and Toby (Keegan Allen).

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Wetpaint Entertainment: So Jenna and Noel, what’s going on?

Tammin Sursok: Well, we are together, and I think we're definitely going to want to cause a little bit of problems for Rosewood. You know what? I love being the villain, and I think it's so exciting and so cool to kind of like have those interesting, dangerous things go on with our characters. And I love Brant as a person. I actually go to school for photography, and I've been using Brant as my model for everything. So I'm really close to him, and he's really good to work with and I adore him.

Do you feel like it would be the easy way out, if Jenna was "A"?

Yes. I think if Jenna dies, if Jenna's "A," I think it's just going to be more complex than that. But that's not to say that she can't be involved in some way.

What's are your arcs this spring?

Well, I think Jenna, now that she can see, I think that's definitely a big thing for her. And I think for the rest of the season, how that's going to play out, and is she going to become more evil because she now has no disability, or is she going to become a better person? I don't know.

And her brother…?

Is not a better person.

Exactly. Are we going to find out something about the two of them?

Yeah. Definitely. I think everything unravels over the course of the season. So, yeah, there's a lot of history there, but I think every season you find out more about people.

Do you think they've always known about each other?

I think so. I don't know if the audience knows that, but I think Jenna knows a lot more than the audience thinks that she does.

So, she doesn't have a heart of gold?

I think that sometimes people play the villain, it's just really easy to write them off and to say they're evil. But I think she's got a gentle side, and as a human being, I think she's really insecure. And I think you will kind of see that over the course of the next episodes.

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