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Jersey Shore

The Situation and Paula: Was He Being Too Harsh or Is He Just Clueless About Relationships?

Jersey Shore Season 6 hasn’t exactly brought out the best in our favorite couples. After Roger’s controversial treatment of JWOWW after the bar brawl, The Situation started criticizing new girlfriend Paula Pickard’s appearance and presentation on Season 6, Episode 7: “Let’s Take a Trip”.

After making things “official” on last week’s episode (Season 6, Episode 6: “A Virgin Summer”), Mike is slowly figuring out what exactly that means. Last night, he told Paula that they needed to “spruce up” her style, and even suggested she go to a dentist to get her teeth fixed. He had a list of all the improvements he wanted her to make, and Paula being a people-pleaser, she agreed.

You tell us: Does The Situation need to take a closer look at himself in the mirror before criticizing Paula? Or can he be forgiven for being a relationship dunce? Tell us in the reaction buttons below.

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