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Jersey Shore

Who Is Pauly D’s Stalker on Jersey Shore? 5 Things to Know About Vanessa Sky Ellis

We met Pauly D’s new stalker Vanessa back in Season 5 of Jersey Shore, but now that Pauly-phile is back for more. But who is this shy young girl who is seemingly obsessed with Pauly? Here are five things you need to know about Vanessa Sky Ellis.

1. She’s a professional celebrity “stalker.” As we previously documented, Vanessa loves to have her photo taken with celebrities. According to a public Facebook album she’s created called “Me&Celebs!!,” Vanessa has documented encounters with Cher, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lopez, Bruno Mars, the Jersey Shore cast (naturally) and many, many other celebs. Pauly may have won Vanessa’s heart, but he’s hardly the first celebrity that she’s gone after.

2. She has a boyfriend. Well, at least she says she does. There’s no way for us to know for sure. We’re sure he’s a very nice guy.

3. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Vanessa hails from the borough that brought us Jay-Z, Foxy Brown, and Woody Allen. Maybe this explains her ballsy-ness when it comes to following around celebrities who are clearly mocking her behind her back.

4. Her favorite book is The Twilight Saga. For some reason this doesn’t really surprise us.

5. She’s really, really, really obsessed with Pauly. Flipping through Vanessa’s Facebook makes us understand Pauly’s concern over Vanessa’s stalkerish ways. Over the summer (when Jersey Shore Season 5 was filming), Vanessa posted multiple photos of herself waiting outside the Shore Store (“You can always find me in line for Pauly D,” she writes), a photo of herself going on the beach chair lift that you often see flying above the Jersey Shore house, and — perhaps most troubling — a photo overlooking the roof of the Shore house or, as she calls it, “Pauly D’s house.” Yikes.

In the stalker photos, Vanessa’s Facebook friends openly mock her “stalker” ways, which Vanessa completely embraces. “Oh yes [Pauly D] sees me stalking all the time,” Vanessa writes in the comment of one Shore Store photo. Is it just us or is stalking kinda something that you don’t want to be associated with?

We wonder what Vanessa is up to now that Pauly and crew have wrapped filming in Seaside. Is she still following Pauly around? Or has she found a new celebrity to stalk?

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11.2.2012 / 08:08 AM EDT by Maria Mercedes Lara
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