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Will Charlotte Grayson and Declan Porter Get Back Together on Revenge?

As two Graysons prepare their marriage vows in this Sunday’s episode of Revenge, we have to wonder how Victoria’s youngest offspring is doing in the romance department.

Charlotte Grayson has had a fairly tough go at love ever since she started slummin’ it in Montauk with Declan Porter. The leather glove-wearing wannabe bad boy broke little Charlie’s heart when he called her a pill-popping loon in front of a courtroom in order to protect his own brother.

But then Charlotte turned the tables and humiliated Declan’s pretty lab partner ... umm, burn?

Apparently the Decster was so peeved that he gave Char the cell phone middle finger right around the time she was looking to ingest her body weight in pain pills. Whoops!

Charlotte overdosed, but is currently recovering and looking to better herself for her little faux-nephew’s sake. When the formerly blissful couple ended up in the ER a few weeks ago, Declan chivalrously offered Charlotte his jacket, to protect her from the chilly night air ... inside the hospital.

Then last week, she returned the jacket and was clearly searching for a booty call hangout sesh. Sadly, Declan’s far too stressed about paying for college. If only he had a super rich, tech genius family friend to help finance this worthy cause. Sigh, if only.

But will Charlotte and Declan ever get back together? Or is this relationship doomed to be a catchy Taylor Swift song?

We think there’s hope for the two lovebirds yet. We recently saw a picture of the couple running hand-in-hand on set while filming upcoming episodes of our favorite shoreside drama. And if Declan’s willing to hold Charlotte’s hand after that incredibly awkward encounter involving her attempt at seduction and a bandage dress, then we think they’re in it for the long haul!

Do you think Charlotte and Declan will get back together? Weigh in below!

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11.2.2012 / 11:55 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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