X Factor 2012 Finalist Power Rankings: Is CeCe Frey the New Ke$ha?
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The X Factor

X Factor 2012 Finalist Power Rankings: Is CeCe Frey the New Ke$ha?

The first round of X Factor Live Shows are over! Now that the groups have been whittled down, it's time to figure out which bundle of backwoods bumpkins are the power players. We've ranked the X Factor’s groups based on their chance of producing a winner, and as you might expect it's a fight to the death. No, seriously — at this point we're worried someone is going to make a knife out of melted silly bands and go nutso (looking at you, Reed Deming. We know you're out there).

Name: L.A.'s Over 25s
Members: Tate Stevens, Jason Brock, Vino Alan
Ranking: 4
Pros: L.A. has a key player on his team — fan-favorite David Correy! Oh, wait, he and that giant stuffed heart on his vest were eliminated, which means he'll have to go back to finding his mom. Oh wait, he found her. Annnnd, moving on to the cons.
Cons: Everyone on L.A.'s team is a total dinosaur, and they're about to go extinct. Now that The X Factor has redefined middle-aged as "over 25" (thanks for that, guys), we're pretty sure these folks only have a few good years left before they fall over dead. Then again, if Jason Brock's back up dancers continue to wear shirts that expose their nippes, the Over 25s might just win this thing.

Name: Britney's Teens
Members: Arin Ray, Beatrice Miller, Carly Rose Sonenclar
Ranking: 3
Pros: So, Britney just informed us that these kiddos are "her children." That is all we have to say at this point.
Cons: Brit-Brit has a great group of hopeful starlets, but let's not forget that most of these kids were born in the 2000s. You guys, they probably don't even know who Savage Garden or Third Eye Blind are, that's the level of noob we're dealing with. However, if everyone wears as many prayer beads as Beatrice Miller, there might be hope.

Name: Simon's Groups
Members: Emblem3, Lyric 145, and LYLAS
Ranking: 2
Pros: Excuse us while we surf the beautiful bro wave that is Emblem3's rise to stardom. If having a crush on teenage boy banders is wrong, how come it feels so right? In fact, we're so addicted to this dream team that we've taken to huffing ocean-scented candles in ecstasy. They sing into our hearts, guys. Oh — and the rest of Simon's groups? Please see below.
Cons: Lyric 145 are some kinda wonderful, but we need to discuss the explosion of traveling pants sister-love that is LYLAS. Oh, sorry — did we say LYLAS? Because we meant to say "That Pack Of Girls With No Name." This group is getting more janky than ever, and we're worried they'll be the downfall of Simon's team.

Name: Demi's Young Adults
Members: Paige Thomas, Jennel Garcia, CeCe Frey
Ranking: 1
Pros: We're starting to think Demi might have the most talented group in the bunch. Sure, CeCe is giving us Ke$ha hallucinations, and yes Paige thinks that giant see-through hats are appropriate head gear, but the talent is A+. All three of these ladies have amazing vocals, but do they have staying power? That's where the cons come in!
Cons: Where to begin? Paige is in a fashion wasteland, Jennel's adorable curls have been flat ironed, and CeCe is one more emotional breakdown away from being institutionalized in a leopard sanctuary. Demi's team is having a collective identity crisis, and if they don't pull it together all of them could be in rehab by next week.

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11.2.2012 / 11:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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