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The X Factor

X Factor Live Show #1 Results Show: Who Will Be Eliminated?

Tonight, the X Factor judges will reduce the pool of talented hopefuls from 16 to 12. At least that’s what Mario seems to think. Simon Cowell was a little more vague when we spoke with him earlier. But let’s just assume Mario is in the know and that four artists or groups will go home tonight.

While that might lead a logical person to conclude that one act from each team will be cut, we know from our conversation with Simon Cowell that logic is for babies. ANYONE could be eliminated, which makes speculation on who will go home harder, but way more fun. Shall we begin?

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Britney’s Teens

Carly Rose Sonenclar didn’t have the best night in the eyes of the judges, at least not in terms of stage presence. But vocally she’s still the most phenomenal performer out of all four groups. Demi may think it’s “not [Carly’s] time,” but if you ask us, Demi’s just running game.

Arin Ray should change his stage name to LL Cool Ray, because the ladies love him. Vocally, he could have done better, but since the judges have made it clear that they don’t give a rat’s ass about quality live vocals (that’s why God invented Autotune, you guys),

Diamond White managed to put some soul into Train’s “Soul Sister” (not an easy accomplishment!), and they judges loved her stage performance. She’s probably just fine.

If anyone has to worry about elimination on Brit’s team, it’s Beatrice Miller. The judges didn’t love her look, and Simon said they needed to “sort [her] vocals out better.”

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Demi Lovato’s Young Adults

The judges loved Paige Thomas’s performance of “What is Love?” which was clearly an homage to both Night at the Roxbury and sea urchins. They also seemed enamored with Jennel Garcia, though Simon complained that Demi had made Jennel into her clone.

On the other hand, Willie Jones got weak marks with the judges and CeCe Frey’s vocals were hella rough. Could it be that all her power was contained in her leopard spots? If we had to narrow Demi’s team to one elimination, it would be Willie, but CeCe should watch her tail.

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L.A. Reid’s Overs (25+)

L.A.’s team took the biggest beating last night from the judges. David Correy and Tate Stevens are probably safe, but Vino Alan and Jason Brock will likely take the hot seat. In a head-to-head battle, we’re guessing Vino will pull ahead of Jason so long as he doesn’t get stuck with another Nickleback song.

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Simon’s Groups

Lyric 145 probably have nothing to worry about. Simon and the girls loved them, even if L.A. thought felt the sounded like someone had put them in a washing machine with a bunch of bleach. Emblem3 also gave a super strong performance, so it’s likely coming down to the girl groups.

1432 (formerly LYLAS) sounded great but the other three judges weren’t digging their version of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Getting Back Together.” Sister C sounded great but had lackluster performance. However, the woman judges seemed less cool toward them, so we’ll see. Our money’s on 1432 to squeak through. They may still need time to rehearse together, but last night they showed a far more natural presence on stage.

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11.2.2012 / 05:59 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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