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True Blood

Alexander Skarsgard on Fifty Shades of Grey: “I Have a Sex Chamber in My Basement … So I’ve Had Training”

Alexander Skarsgard is no stranger to sex.

In addition to being an international sex symbol, his True Blood character, Eric Northman certainly knows his way around a woman.

Rumors have swirled for months about him playing Fifty Shades of Grey’s title character, Christian Grey, but he hasn’t given any indication that he’s actually up for the role. While he typically dodges the topic or claims he would have to read the script first, he recently told The Daily Chili that he would have no problem whipping into shape for the role.

When asked if he would be comfortable playing Christian, he said, “Absolutely. That wouldn't be an issue.” And it’s all because of Eric.

“I have a sex chamber in my basement — my character on True Blood — so I've had training,” he added.

It’s true. He is very used to sex scenes — including chaining women up in his own “red room of pain.” Because of his many years of on-screen sex, he explained that he’s used to it.

“It doesn't bother me at all. I don't find it uncomfortable or difficult,” he noted. And he even shared some tips: “Relax, enjoy, and have fun with it,” he said with a laugh. “That's my trick.”

We’d love to learn his tricks of the trade any day. Are you still rooting for A. Skars as Christian? Tell us below!

Source: The Daily Chili

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