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America's Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 19 Episode 10 Recap: Leila Warrior Princess, Curtains For Kristin


She took her sweet time, but karma finally came for both Leila Goldkuhl and Kristin Kagay on America's Next Top Model Cycle 19, Episode 10: "The Girl Who Becomes Art for Tyra."

Leila got the highest challenge scores and top photo (although Tyra Banks will be putting Kiara Belen’s pic on her wall) while Leila's #1 hater, Kristin, crashed and burned. Will anyone miss B*tch Barbie? She had huge fan support through most of the cycle, so there are probably a few viewers disappointed to see her go. We might occasionally miss laughing out loud at her childish outbursts about hating the other models because they are “stupid” — including “I just want to throw something at [Leila’s] ugly ass face; I don’t like her.” But, nah. We’re good without her.

We’re down to the right final four: Leila, Kiara, Nastasia Scott, and Laura James. This week, Tyra took some gorgeous photos of the models (check them out here!) and Kiara finally got some positive feedback from whoever voted on these photos over the summer. The public also finally stopped loving Kristin (the strange shower curtain probably helped) and fans were even disappointed in Laura. Nastasia, on the other hand, is steady as the rain. Not only is she getting better and better, she’s stayed out of the in-house drama. If this were Survivor, she’d be in a good position to win. But right now we’re still expecting it to come down to Laura vs. Leila. We’ll see...

Credit: Angelo Sgambeti/The CW    

Kiara was thinking about all the crazy bleep they could ask the models to do. Like kill someone. She’d do it. Good to know! Kristin doesn’t want to be friends with the other models. She just wants to win this cycle and leave. Laura doesn’t think it’s fair that Leila can just come back into the house. Leila knows the girls don’t think it’s fair for her to come back, but she feels like she earned her spot. What does Nastasia think? She’s the only one who didn’t weigh in on that absence of love.

The top five have to model bikinis designed by Bob Marley's daughter, Cedella Marley — aka “Jamaican royalty” — while working with dolphins. Is Tyra Banks really afraid of them or was Johnny Wujek being a goof? Oh wait, she really is afraid of dolphins. Huh. Laura keeps saying she’s representing girls who are healthy and strong and have a butt and a figure. Really? Is she sure she isn’t representing 6’0” tall gorgeous girls with perfect model bodies? Leila’s dolphin got scared and hit her leg. She had to get out of the water and get some medical attention. Did Kristin bribe that dolphin? Laura said Leila’s poses were boring and high fashion instead of sexy. Kristin wants Leila to leave. She was annoyed when people were impressed by Leila. Leila said she had one bad week and went home; Kristin has had multiple bad weeks and is still around. Leila also said Laura wasn’t that impressive, just doing the same pose over and over. What, she wasn’t impressed by Laura flashing the entire beach? Her top came off and she flashed some boobage. Now she can do Playboy as well as Sports Illustrated! Laura and Kristin vs. Leila is getting old. Good for Nastasia and Kiara for staying out of it.

Winner: Leila! It pays to get your ass kicked by a dolphin. She took Kiara with her on the challenge spa win.

Credit: Angelo Sgambeti/The CW    

Kristin got the lowest challenge score. Laura was second from the bottom. They were at the bottom of the challenge list last week too. Kristin hates Leila and hates that Kiara kissed her butt to try and get the spa trip. “Like, am I the only person in this house that’s not fake?” Apparently it's worthy of congratulation if you are honest about your nastiness. But Kristin had more to say about Leila. “I just want to throw something at her ugly ass face. I don’t like her. I don’t even have a reason not to like her, it’s just everything she says annoys me.” KNOW THE FEELING.

Their challenge is to find a way to get a killer shot while posing in the waterfall as warriors. Tyra is the photographer. This is the spot where she had her first photo shoot. This is meant to be art, a piece that can last forever as opposed to a fashion trend. She’s decorating her house right now, so the challenge is to find out who will be placed in her salon. Everything is about Tyra! Never forget it. Every girl gets her own theme and she’s going to mix and match like a game. Everything was going so well until that part. Kristin got some kind of shower curtain fabric. (!) Other girls got metal, wood and shells. Nastasia’s theme was “Pipes” and her hair piece thing was gorgeous. Futuristic and sexy. It was dangerous and slippery out there and it was hard for the models to hear Tyra’s direction over the rushing water. Oh, wait! Breaking news: Kristin also thinks Kiara is “stupid” and hates her too. Tyra felt differently. She thought Kiara gave her beautiful warrior princess. Laura felt she was doing horrible, because water kept getting into her face. She didn’t look great. Tyra said she was most excited to shoot with Laura, but she doesn’t have a ton of angles, like some other models. Tyra said Leila was modeling from the inside out. She thought the fans knew what they were doing to bring Leila back. Johnny was worried about Kristin. Tyra thought she was a trooper with her shower curtain.

Tyra has had dreams of dolphins banging her.

1. Leila — Highest score. Best photo! They loved her outfit at panel, it’s from her challenge win. Leila said she’s now afraid of dolphins too. Leila’s theme was "wood." Kelly Cutrone loved this shot. “You are owning every, every, every fiber and inch of your being. This is one of the best shots of the season. Well done.” Rob Evans said she nailed it. This is one of the best pics he’s seen. Tyra was impressed. Scores: 10, 10, 10.

2. Kiara — Tyra is going to blow up this photo and post it in her house. “This photo is amazing and it is going up in my house, girl.” Rob thinks this is her best shot to date. Her tooch is amazing. He had to be fanned. Kelly thought this was a beautiful, super strong shot of her. She had an advantage because she’s a warrior girl, unlike Kristin. (Um, has she spent any time with Kristin?) Tyra said this shot is prideful, aloof and slightly dangerous. Bryanboy said Kiara finally got some high scores on social media. Yay! Scores: 10, 9, 10.

3. Nastasia — This shot is out of control good. Kelly said her only criticism is for her eyes to be better. Rob said she’s a chameleon. Tyra said Nastasia rocked it, even though she couldn’t hear Tyra. Bryanboy said she’s going stronger. People love this shot. Scores: 8, 9, 9.

Credit: Angelo Sgambeti/The CW    

In between the judges’ comments and the final judgment, Kristin had a tantrum. Because Leila and Kiara were happy at their scores and showed it, Kristin WENT OFF. She thought it was rude and disrespectful to be gloating about good comments, because she was upset at her low scores. As Kiara wisely noted, whenever anything goes wrong for Kristin, she lashes out. Kristin wouldn’t even listen to anyone else. “I don’t like you, therefore I don’t respect you.” There’s not much more to say.

Laura — Her theme was "shell." Rob thought she gave fierce eyes. She’s getting better and better. Kelly said it’s not better than her train shot. Kelly thinks this shot is not doing her body any favors. She looks “shlumpy.” Tyra said she doesn’t have that many angles to rock so she has to study her face. She also has to find out where the photographer is and where she is. It’s like a dance. Bryanboy said she has a lot of fans, but not so much on this shot. Scores 7, 9, 8.

Kristin — Her theme was "fabric," hence the curtain. Rob liked her face, but not her relaxed body position. Kelly said “You look to me more like a girl who ran away from the convent who dropped some mushrooms with her boyfriend and is hanging out in the rocks than a model at a fashion shoot.” Kelly and her stories! She is the new Victoria. Tyra thought Kristin would be complaining and rolling her eyes about her shower curtain, but she wasn't. Tyra liked the awkwardness. Bryanboy said this week she’s disappointed a lot of her friends and it’s become a trend. Scores: 7, 8, 9. Tyra gave an extra point because she was there and knows how hard it was, but when models bring up stuff like that from other shoots — when Tyra isn't there — she says there are no excuses.

Kristin. Tyra said she’ll have a career, and she should focus on her face. “Go with what your strength is.”

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Catch the next episode of America's Next Top Model Cycle 19: College Edition on Friday, November 9 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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