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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Pad’s Ed Swiderski on Ex Jillian Harris, Fame, and Finding “The One”

Season 6 Bachelorette Jillian Harris might not have been “the one”, but Ed Swiderski wants us all to know that he “really was in love” with Jilly.

In a recent interview with Make It Better, a website focused on the Chicago area where Ed resides, he discussed his relationship with Jillian, finding “the one”, and whether there’s a future for him in reality TV.

He also asserted that celebrity didn’t cause his relationship with Jillian to fall apart. “I really was in love with Jillian, and even if we’d met in a supermarket, our relationship would have lasted the same amount of time.” However, he admits being in the public eye didn’t help: “The scrutiny of being in the public eye made it harder to fix the things that needed to be worked out.”

Ed admits that he wasn’t quite ready for a serious relationship when he first came on the scene as one of Jillian’s suitors — at least not one that included a trip down the aisle. Now, however, he feels differently about marriage and is on the hunt for someone to settle down with. “...At this point in my life, if after the first couple of months I can’t picture being married and having a family with someone, I usually part ways.” He also expressed his skepticism in the idea of The One, though he does believe in the possibility of a perfect relationship . “Once someone accepts you for all of your imperfections and you accept theirs, that is a perfect relationship.”

It’s unlikely that Ed will find that perfect relationship reality television, though. “At this point, I think I’m retiring from reality TV. My career is the most important thing in my life, and I had to put it on hold twice already.”

Source: Make It Better