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Glee’s Blake Jenner Films a Day In His Life — Including His Adorable Bed Hair!

For Blake Jenner, winning Glee Project and landing a role on Glee means that his daily life now involves long film shoots and high-profile interviews. But it doesn’t necessarily mean fancy breakfasts every morning.

Blake used a Flip camera to record himself for a day for, giving us a window into the real Blake. We see him with bed hair in the morning he’s still cute pre-shower, FYI and then we watch as he discovers that he’s been a little lax with his grocery shopping.

“I was totally gonna impress you guys and make eggs benedict or an omelette or something, but I got no eggs, man,” Blake admits while holding up the empty egg carton from the kitchen. “So now I’m just gonna have some cereal.” Wait so the last time he had eggs, he just put the empty egg carton back in the fridge? Uh, maybe showbiz isn’t as glamorous as we thought.

Breakfast snafus aside, life definitely seems to be a lot more fun since he taped the Glee Project finale in March. Blake takes us to his interview with Access Hollywood, and he also reminisces about the moment he found out he was going to be on Glee Project, which he calls “the happiest moment of my life” up until then.

And life continues to improve. Blake tells a recent story about being at the Grove mall in L.A. with his girlfriend when a few girls asked to take a photo with him, and then a few more. Suddenly, security had to escort him to where he was going, as “this huge crowd of people is following me.” Sounds a lot better than his former life of eating ramen and working at a pet store.

We love the fact that Blake gets a little silly at times during the video, showing off his wide range of accents (it’s old man Blake!). He also has fun experimenting with words, even when he’s not 100% sure what they mean.

“Now that the finale’s done, I’ve been doing a lot of phone interviews, so I’ll just wake up, have some tea and scrumpets,” Blake jokes, later admitting that he doesn’t know what “scrumpets” are. Well, we also don’t know what “scrumpets” are since we’re thinking he means “crumpets.”

Don’t worry, Blake we don’t eat a lot of crumpets either.


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11.3.2012 / 05:22 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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