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Real Housewives of Atlanta

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5: Kim Zolciak Insults Kandi Burruss’s New House!

Thanks to this sneak peek of Sunday’s Season 5 premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we know that Kim Zolciak is really frustrated about her housing situation. Still, when Kim goes to visit Kandi Burruss’s new house and insults it by saying, “When I got off the exit to go to Kandi’s house, I locked my f—king dors,” we knew Kandi would be annoyed.

So when the Huffington Post asked Kandi about Kim’s remarks, she said, “I haven't seen the first episode yet, but yeah, I was very irritated. I was a little perturbed.”

“When she was saying little things, in my mind I was like, ‘Is she serious? Does she not realize that some of the things she's saying are offensive?’ I didn't know how to take it at that moment.”

Does Kandi think jealousy was at the root of Kim’s rude comments? Maybe.

“You don't want to feel like a person that you're cool with is jealous. And I know that she has a great life herself, and she has a lot of great things,” Kandi said. “At that time, there was some crazy stuff going on in her life, and it was all in the press about the lady wanting to put her out of that house.”

Of course, Kandi is referring to Kendra Davis’s attempts to evict Kim from the house, which Kimmie was actually renting from the Kendra and her husband. Ultimately, Kim did move out of Kendra’s house, and is now building her new “dream home.”

We know Kim was going through a stressful time when she said those things about Kandi’s home, but were her comments too mean? Sound off below!

Source: Huffington Post

11.3.2012 / 12:10 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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