ANTM’s Angelea Preston Calls Out Cheating Husband on Twitter
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America's Next Top Model

ANTM’s Angelea Preston Calls Out Cheating Husband on Twitter

What a year of ups and downs for Angelea Preston. She almost wins America's Next Top Model All Stars, but gets disqualified. Then she marries Eric Brown and has a baby, but that marriage seems to be on the rocks. The ANTM star is no stranger to using Twitter to set the record straight, and she did it again a couple of days ago. Back in June, Angelea tweeted about how she was the real winner of All Stars but the show played her. On November 2, she returned to Twitter to accuse her husband, Eric Brown, of cheating on her.

• “My marriage is destroyed because of this homewrecking whore @its_phyr n my husband @fahyed.”

• “While Im out of town my husband @fahyed is running around his town with basic bitches like @its_phyr. Yuck ! But that's what he like o_O”

• “she know he married n don't give a shit. THATS WHAT HOES DO. She fine bein the side but im not fine with it AT ALL”

ANTM’s Angelea Preston Calls Out Cheating Husband on Twitter
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Angelea’s husband responded, “our personal life is not for twitter we both have 2 much classic 4 that I'd appreciate if u tell ppl not 2 tweet me.” She wrote back “@FAHYED why don't u stop fucking @its_phyr then we wouldn't have a problem now would we ?”

Angelea retweeted some notes of support, then some Kelly Clarkson lyrics: “‘We were always meant to say goodbye .... we were never meant for do or die … All the memories they're haunted .. I'll find another who doesn't always make me wanna cry .. I love u enough to let u go’ ♥ Already Gone.” After getting it out of her system, she apologized. “Please excuse my behavior last nite everyone. Matters of the heart are serious but I shouldn't of carried on the way I did. Thanx xo :-)” But when the other woman kept tweeting, Angelea was back in the mix, calling her out again.

When you’re angry, Twitter can be a serious weapon. Best be careful or it can backfire. But how sad, if this is true! If a husband can’t even be faithful to a model like Angelea — and the model mother of his baby son, at that — what hope is there for the rest of us?

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