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5 Reasons Revenge’s Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson Belong Together

Things that go together on Revenge: Tyler + Klonopin, Bikinis + Loubies, and Emily + Daniel.

These ridiculously good-looking beach bums are a match made in blue-blood heaven! Sure, some naysayers prefer to 'ship Emily and her childhood sweetheart, Jack Porter, but let's get real: If Em knows what's good for her, she'll embrace Daniel 'til death do them part.

Check out five reasons why Emily and her former fiancé are meant to be!

1. They Both Love Poetry

Daniel loves nothing more than an impromptu slam-poetry session. His popped collar is basically a reinterpreted turtleneck, and it's only a matter of time until he starts wearing a beret.

Emily and Daniel's relationship mostly consisted of reciting gloomy poems to each other, a hobby they love even more than shooting guns and staring off into space.

2. They're Fiercely Loyal

Daniel and Emily would do anything to protect their loved ones. Emily's already proved just how far she'll go to restore her family's honor (by becoming a crazy pyromaniac), and Daniel is extremely protective when it comes to his mom — even when she is a bit crazy. Things may be rough now, but we know he would never really leave forever.

If Emily and her man channel their respective loyalty streaks and reunite, they'll be unstoppable! Oh, and BONUS: They share a sister!

3. They Both Looked Super '90s In College

Emily and Daniel might dress in their best now-a-days, but need we remind you of what they looked like in college? Let's just say, the '90s called and it wants its middle-parted hair back.

We think Emily and Daniel's mutual nerdiness makes their bond even deeper — after all, it's always good to have something in common!

Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

4. They Love Each Other

Emily might have a history with Jack, but she fell hard for Daniel despite her better judgement. This gal's icy robot stare always softens when it comes to Danny Boy, and she looked genuinly worried when everyone thought he was pumped full of lead on the beach. They may be apart now, but their red-hot chemistry could makes lobsters blush.

5. Opposites Attract

Aside from that whole poetry thing, Daniel and Emily have absolutely nothing in common. Daniel's interests include bettering himself, drinking sparkling water, and playing polo, and Emily's interests include ruining lives ... and that's pretty much it.

We've never seen a more intense case of opposites attract — it must be true love! We're rooting for you, Demily!

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