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The Walking Dead

Did The Walking Dead’s Lori Grimes Storyline Go Too Far? Was the [SPOILER] Too Hardcore For the Audience?

Walking Dead Season 3 Spoiler Alert! You've Been Warned...

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We're serious this time, guys! If you have not watched tonight's mega-shocking Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 4, "Killer Within", you best not be readin' this lest you want to be majorly, majorly spoiled! Read at your own risk!

We're barely able to put ourselves back together after all of the craziness that went on in tonight's Walking Dead episode. Let's just say we did not see that coming! We actually had to fast-forward through what is probably the goriest and most upsetting scene in the series... ever. And that's saying alot considering all the tendon-snapping, flesh-ripping, blood-squirting action we've seen in this third season alone!

Tonight, Lori Grimes meets her maker. After a C-section gone horribly, horribly wrong, Lori dies of shock. Before she can turn, her son Carl chooses to shoot her in order to protect the gang. This scene had us completely horrified and then completely gutted (no pun intended). All we can say is, Carl is going to be one messed-up kid.

Our biggest question is: Did the writers go too far with this storyline? Was it too much of a shocker or a stunt? Did you cry? Or are you just glad Lori's finally out of the picture? Many fans have taken to Twitter to express the latter, saying they are glad she's she's gone, even if it was terribly sad. What do you guys think? Share your feelings below!

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11.5.2012 / 09:50 AM EDT by Chako Suzuki
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