JWOWW and Roger Gut Their Home After Hurricane Sandy (PHOTOS)
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Jersey Shore

JWOWW and Roger Gut Their Home After Hurricane Sandy (PHOTOS)

Jersey Shore star JWOWW's fiancé Roger Mathews had to take to jet skiing to visit their shared house in Toms River, NJ following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy last week, but now the waters have receded and they’ve begun preparing to repair their home.

Roger tweeted throughout the day yesterday (November 4) as he and Jenni began to tackle the damage. While they weren’t able to get the heat going again since the furnace was still flooded, they were able to gut the kitchen of its water-damaged cabinetry and take up the flooring.

Roger explained that he "had some buddy's and Jenni help me completely gut my house over the weekend," adding that now there's "not much I can do now but wait for ins people."

In one cute picture Roger shared, JWOWW had to hide out for a little rest after a long day of work tuckered her out.

Roger, who stepped up to help others in need right away after the storm, has become a touch philosophical in light of Sandy, writing things like “Crazy how mother nature can humble us all yet still bring out our greatest qualities.”

His attitude about his own loss has been pretty admirable, as he wrote, “One day at a time. Material things can be replaced. My heart goes out to those who lost someone in this tragedy.”

Learn how to help victims of Hurricane Sandy here.

Catch the next new episode of Jersey Shore on Thursday, November 8 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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