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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers: Maggie Steps Up, There Are “Doubts” About Rick’s Leadership

Badass Maggie (Lauren Cohan) taking down walkers is much better than weepy Maggie relying on Glenn (Steven Yeun). So it's good to see Maggie getting stronger on The Walking Dead Season 3, and looking more like the girl we met riding in on a horse to bash a zombie with a bat on Season 2.

Lauren Cohan talked to IGN about Maggie's post-farm journey. She thought she was going to lose her dad, Hershel (Scott Wilson), on Season 3, Episode 2, but it turns out he just lost a leg. Does that mean Hershel will be depending on Maggie more this season? How about her relationship with Glenn? A teaser for tonight's Episode 4 showed, despite all the prison drama, the couple still finds time to get busy in the guard tower.

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Lauren said Maggie definitely steps up this season. "She’s stepping up as a leader within the Greene family, but there’s a nice thing where we really see Glenn as a part of the family now; we really have that solidified. There’s debate, there’s always debate. Maggie has such strong instincts about what we should do, but she knows that the way to get them done isn’t necessarily to declare them outright. It’s more of her influence and her strength that will help the group. So we’ll definitely see that in her relationship with Glenn, we definitely see that with Dad a lot."

Speaking of the group, Lauren said things may not stay so cohesive within Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) prison family.

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"These doubts come from the outside world, from The Governor [David Morrissey], and sometimes the doubts come from within the group. We know that if we let any fracture spread, it’s going to only make us weaker. So just like a good old family, you kind of have to find strength in your group and the cohesion of that group and know that Rick has our best interest at heart until... maybe he doesn’t. Yeah, it’s been a really good journey, and I think one where Maggie definitely still has these slight reminders all the way through that there’s a reason to go on."

They dare doubt The Ricktator now? Wasn't the time for that doubt several months ago, when he first announced “This is not a democracy”? He kept them safe for all that time, what more could they expect from him? And how sneaky if The Gov tries to play off the group's fears. He needs to stash his sass and go back to staring at his head collection.

Source: IGN

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