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True Blood

Top 12 Reasons We Can’t Live Without True Blood

We all know that True Blood is the greatest show on television (don’t even go there, Vampire Diaries), but do you have any friends who are doubters?

Check out the Top 12 reasons we love True Blood and then pass this list along to the poor, lost souls in your life who don’t understand the wonders of a good set of fangs.

1. The Snarky Dialogue

How can you not love a show with lines like, “Here ya go, Uncle-Daddy Calvin” and “Conscience off, dick on”?

2. Lafayette’s Fashion

Lafayette knows how to rock a do-rag and glitter eye shadow like whoa. The only way he could get hotter is if he rocked a swag belly chain.

3. The Hot Dudes

It’s like all the sexiest dudes in Hollywood were rounded up, reverse spray-tanned, given a set of fangs, and instructed on how to make the perfect O-face. Bon Temps may be the murder capital of Louisiana, but we’d move there for the studs — even if it meant getting our blood drained.

4. Eric Northman

No explanation needed.

5. The Sex Is Fangtastic

True Blood can’t go five minutes without throwing an NC-17 fangbang our way, and we’re not complaining. The more trips down to Eric’s dungeon, the better.

6. It’s Bloody Violent

If you’re in the mood to see a random hillbilly munch on a tasty bundle of intestines, True Blood’s the show for you. There’s hardly ever a scene where someone’s not covered in blood or vampire goo.

Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO    

7. The Music

True Blood has the greatest soundtrack ever! Every episode ends with a bumpin’ song that’s perfect for your iPod, and True Blood’s original compositions by Nathan Barr are hauntingly atmospheric.

8. It Has The Best Vamps Around

No offense Twi-hards, but the vampires on True Blood could rip Edward Cullen and his posse of angst-ridden teens apart. Did you see what Russell did to that newscaster’s spine? Watch your backs (and your fangs).

10. We Love a Good Romantic Triangle

Every stud in Bon Temps has the hots for faerie sexy Sookie. Forget romantic triangles — this girl is in a full-on romantic square!

11. It Has Something for Everyone!

Whether you're gay, straight, or desperate to have sex with a ginormous bull, True Blood has it all.

12. The T & A!

At this point, Bon Temps is basically like one big nudist colony. We don’t even remember what Alcide looks like with a shirt on.

Do you agree with our list? Tell us below!

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