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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Pad Star Ed Swiderski Can’t Live Without This Book!

Who knew manners were so important to Bachelor Nation’s own Ed Swiderski? Recently asked about the ten items he relies on to get through his day, we were intrigued to see Emily Post on his list. Along with his MacBook, Jeep Cherokee, and smartphone, Ed’s included Etiquette by Emily Post, the authority on manners and propriety.

On the subject of etiquette, Ed says, "’Keep your hands to yourself!,’ might almost be put at the head of the first chapter of every book on etiquette. Definitely words to live by, Emily.” But how good are you at upholding that policy, Ed? I’m betting your Bachelor Pad 3 co-star Jaclyn Swartz would have something to say about that!

Source: Beso

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