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Booth and Brennan Sex: A Huge Mistake? Bones Couple Makes List of TV Duos Who “Shouldn’t Have Done It”

Update: Everyone is still really bitter about Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan's (Emily Deschanel) lack of sex life. In fact, the folks over at TV Guide are so bitter that they put B&B on their list of TV Couples Who Shouldn't Have Done It. Yep, TV Guide is appalled so much so that they think Booth and Brennan are better as friends.

"Having Booth and Brennan do the deed didn't outright ruin the show, but it just took so long for it to happen," TV Guide explains. "By the time they finally consummated the relationship — and had a kid, no less! — we'd kind of moved on. And we didn't even get to see the magic moment that was six years in the making!"

Woah, this paragraph is the most controversial thing since Baby Michael was stuffed in that drawer. Do you agree with TV Guide's opinion that B&B's sexy time was a deal-breaker, or are you happy these two consumated their love?

Hit the poll and dish your thoughts! And feel free to curl into the fetal position for an ugly-crying jag if things gets too emotional. This poll + the presidential election = feelings.

Source: TV Guide

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