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Does Watching Glee Make You More Likely to Support Same-Sex Marriage?

As if there weren’t already enough reasons to love Glee, it appears that the show is also making an impact on society’s social and political views — specifically, it’s making people more likely to favor same-sex marriage. Uh, is there anything this show can’t do?

According to a poll by The Hollywood Reporter, shows with gay characters like Glee, The New Normal, and Modern Family are leading more and more people to support gay marriage. Translation: Way to go, Ryan Murphy!

“This data would suggest that seeing this stuff makes it more socially acceptable," says THR’s Jon Penn, who conducted the poll. "Views on gay marriage have exponentially gone in its favor since 2002.”

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When people were asked whether shows with gay characters influenced them, 27 percent said that the shows made them more in support of gay marriage, while six percent said the shows made them more opposed to gay marriage.

No word on what percentage of viewers became more in support of expressing their emotions through song as a result of watching Glee.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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