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Glee Season 4 Speculation: Is Damian McGinty Returning for the Christmas Episode?

UPDATE: Adam Shankman has now tweeted a photo of Damian on set. Rory is offically back!

We’ve already been misled once about Damian McGinty’s (Rory) return to Glee this season. (Not that we’re the type to hold grudges no, not in the least bit.) But is Damian’s return about to finally become official?

Glee’s Christmas episode director Adam Shankman has been something of a wealth of info of late, as he helped provide assurance that we would be seeing Quinn (Dianna Agron) during the Christmas episode (yay!). So someone asked him on Twitter if he could provide a similar reveal about Damian’s potential return.

So what do we make of this? Is this just Adam being coy, or is he actually hinting at the greatest Christmas present ever?

We’re sure you can understand why we’d be a tad cautious. As we all (painfully) remember, when Ryan Murphy was asked earlier this year on Twitter if Damian would return, Ryan tweeted, “Yes. Wait for Thanksgiving.” Well, we’re waiting, Ryan, but it doesn’t sound like we’ll be seeing Damian on Thanksgiving.

Damian, for his part, sounds more than willing to visit his old McKinley pals, but he has made it sound like the likelihood of his return was starting to dwindle. “There are rumors online that I am coming back, but nothing is confirmed at all,” he had said earlier this fall.

So while we basically want to jump for joy that Damian may appear in the Christmas episode, it’s hard to know whether this will really happen. So how about we take a small jump for joy instead? We’re thinking a bounce for joy would be appropriate.

Source: Adam Shankman on Twitter

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11.6.2012 / 02:14 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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