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High School Jocks Befriend Special Needs Girl to Stop Students From Bullying Her (VIDEO)

In a stereotype-smashing display of anti-bullying heroics, a group of varsity football players in Arizona have taken a special needs sophomore under their wing after she suffered bullying so intense that she even had trash thrown at her, reports AZ Family.

Chy Johnson, 16, who suffers a brain disorder that affects her speech, had just about had enough of her daily bullying when her mother intervened. She called on a family friend, Queen Creek High School starting quarterback Carson Jones, for some information about those who tormented her daughter. What happened next surprised everyone.

After hearing about Chy’s struggles, Carson gathered his teammates and invited Chy to have lunch with them at their table — and she’s been eating lunch with them every day ever since. Following her association with the varsity players — whom she affectionately calls “my guys” — the bullying has categorically stopped.

The boys are humble about the anti-bullying impact of their friendship with Chy. Carson says, “I guess they’ve seen her with us or something.”

Source: AZ Family

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11.6.2012 / 05:44 AM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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