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American Idol

Remember When Kelly Clarkson Said She Wanted to “Punch Adele in the Face”?

British songstress Adele gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last month, and the joyous news oddly reminded us of a funny moment last year involving comments made by Kelly Clarkson.

When The Guardian caught up the American Idol singer, no stone was left unturned in a tell-all interview about the road that led to breakup anthems, idolizing other female musicians, and preparing for her new album.

Before she landed a golden ticket on Idol, Kelly was struggling to make ends meet. "My goal was just to be a backup singer — I never intended to be in front. But then my apartment in L.A. burned down and I had to move home.” It was then that she auditioned for the inaugural season of Idol, with no clue she’d end up winning it, or what that would even mean for her.

"My biggest song worldwide is ‘Because of You,’ and… you may as well grab a knife. That song really is the most depressing one I've ever written.”

It’s true that Kelly’s songs have put a huge stamp on the pop industry. But she’s eager to rave over other females making it in the biz. “I want to punch Adele in the face! She is just too good. I saw the Brit awards and I was bawlin' just watching her on YouTube.” Takes one to know one. Kelly and Adele are two peas in a pod when they’re wailin’ about heartache.

When discussing her new album, Stronger, slated to hit stores October 24, Kelly confesses: "This is the first record that my label and I have agreed on everything. There's one song that I was kinda, uh …"

You gotta love Kelly’s ‘no-filter’ personality!

Source: The Guardian

11.6.2012 / 05:24 AM EDT by Kim Hoffman
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