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Dancing With The Stars

Kirstie Alley Picked Tristan MacManus for DWTS All-Stars Trio, Thinking He Was Single

You can never take Kirstie Alley too seriously, but when she told On the Red Carpet she had a crush on Dancing With the Stars pro Tristan MacManus and wanted to sleep with him, she probably meant it.

DWTS All-Stars Week 8 includes Trio Dances, where each couple chooses a pro to join them in the routine. "She picked Tristan,” Maksim Chmerkovskiy said, “and the strategy was that he got eliminated way too early and we want him to get paid. So we hired him to be with us.” Tristan was eliminated first this season with Pamela Anderson.

Kirstie: "The other strategy is that, if worse comes to worse, maybe I can sleep with Tristan. I'm just saying, he doesn't have a girlfriend—"

Maks: "He has a girlfriend."

Kirstie: "What?"

Maks: "Hold on, what were you picking?"

Kirstie: "I was picking Tristan because I have a crush on him and now it's frickin' worthless! Everybody's got a girlfriend. What kind of a show is this? I need to go on The Ex Bachelor where everybody's exes are somewhere else."

Ha! Yes, not only is Tristan taken, he’s supposedly very in love with his girlfriend. But Maks joked that he’ll remove himself from the situation when Tristan rehearses with Kirstie. He’ll just sit back with popcorn and watch them interact until Tristan runs screaming. Kirstie joked that she doesn’t want to be stereotypical, but Tristan is Irish and he’ll probably be drunk. Maks said Tristan is a happy guy, and that’s what they wanted — someone happy and “sane,” not intense and crazy.

Well, if Tris wasn’t insane before he danced with these two, he probably will be when it’s over!

Source: On the Red Carpet

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