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3 Reasons Daniel Grayson Is a Better Match For Emily Thorne Than Aiden Mathis on Revenge

Emily Thorne is in a monogamous relationship with her double infinity tattoo, but that doesn't mean she can't look for a little action on the side on Revenge.

Despite the fact that she spends her free time deep-freezing bodies, burying labrador retrievers in sand dunes, and looking completely and totally evil, the boys just can't get enough! And when we say "the boys," we're referring to Daniel Grayson, his sad eyebrows, and Aiden Matthis.

Aiden is all up in Emily's revengey grill, and it looks like they'll be sucking vigilante face before too long. But guys, what about Spaniel? He declared his love for Emily on the dance floor, which means a sexy reunion could be in the works. Unless Aiden gets to Emily first! Sure, Aiden knows Em's real identity (and they have a history with their puppy friends in Japan), but we think Daniel is a better option for Emily and here's why:

1) They Have A Mutual Love For Poetry
Remember when Emily flashed back to the ‘90s we discovered that Daniel was a turtleneck-wearing poet who wrote gentle haikus about his feelings and emotions? Best day of our lives. Daniel brings out the softer, poetic side in Emily, whereas we're not sure she and Aiden connect on a deeper level.

2) They Both Want To Bring Down The Graysons
Aiden wants Emily to take down Conrad and Victoria, but he isn't personally invested in their demise. Daniel, however, is all about his parents crashing and burning. And apart from one moment of weakness with Jack Porter over a recently deceased puppy, Emily’s main problem was Daniel’s allegiance to his father. He and Ems have goals that are pretty much in line with each other, which means they'll have so much to chat about once they get back together! Sigh, revenge is so romantic.

3) They Have Better Chemistry
Emily and Aiden's passionate love making sessions in Japan were cute and all, but the chemistry between Em and Daniel is palpable. Sure, their relationship was a sham, but Em developed real feelings for Danny Boy, and it looks like she's still pining for him. We can't even tell you how many times we've caught these two eye sexing across a crowded room full of plebeian waiters.

Do you think Daniel is a better match for Emily than Aiden? Weigh in below!

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