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Best Castle Quotes From Season 5, Episode 6: “The Final Frontier”

Castle fans, may fortune guide your journey!

Last night’s all-new episode, “The Final Frontier,” was chock-full of awesome, even if you aren’t the nerdiest of sci-fi fans. From fangirl Beckett to a life-sized spaceship replica, the punny goodness definitely didn’t disappoint.

Check out our top quotables from Castle Season 5, Episode 6: “The Final Frontier” below.

10. Castle: A real sci-fi murder at a sci-fi convention. This keeps getting better.

The geek-o-meter just got turned up a notch.

9. Witness: He only speaks Mersatonian.
Ryan: Maybe you could translate for me.
Witness: I’m not really that fluent.
Ryan: Next!

Not even Siri could help you now.

8. Castle (to Beckett about Alexis): Not that bad? How am I gonna unsee that?

Drinks. Lots and lots of ‘em.

7. Castle: Perlmutter. Good to see you.
Perlmutter: Ah, if only the feeling were mutual.

Somebody’s gonna want Lanie back, ASAP.

6. Ryan: Swords and sorcery. That’s more my thing. Like Lord of the Rings.
Esposito: Yeah, I could see you as an elf … or a hobbit.

Sorry, Ryan. In the world of sarcasm, you lost.

Credit: Ron Tom/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

5. Winters: How will I go on without her?
Castle: Go on living?
Winters: Go on doing the fan experience.

Some guys are just so caring, it almost hurts.

4. Castle: And when I say “crazed fans,” I’m not referring to you. You are a megafan.
Beckett: Nice one coming from the guy with a life-sized Boba Fett in his bathroom.

Not sure whose fanclub wins in the battle between Nebula 9 and Star Wars. Or how to even tell.

3. Beckett: Cap your pen, Castle. There’s been a murder here.

Before someone else asks him to sign their chest.

2. Nebula 9 fanboy: K-Becks!

That’s one nickname that's never going away. Ever!

1. Beckett: In your dreams.
Castle: Look at my life. My dreams come true.

Exactly how many times did you dream about Beckett, Castle?

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