Emily Owens, M.D. Spoilers: Michael Rady on the Love Square and Will’s Big Mistake
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Emily Owens, M.D. Spoilers: Michael Rady on the Love Square and Will’s Big Mistake

As Emily Owens (Mamie Gummer) gets more comfortable at Denver Memorial, despite the high school dynamics, we can only hope that The CW show ramps up the love square between Emily, Micah (Michael Rady), Will (Justin Hartley), and Cassandra (Aja Naomi King).

When Wetpaint Entertainment had a chance to visit the Vancouver set of Emily Owens, M.D., we trapped Michael Rady in a hospital corner to try to scare him into some scoop.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Do you think that Emily will start to acknowledge that Micah exists?

Michael Rady: I don't know. Will's tall and handsome. So, I don't count on it. No, I don't know. We're on Episode 6 right now, and Micah's still testing the waters and sussing the situation out.

In the first few episodes that you've shot so far, how much is the personal stuff the attraction, his mom kind of maybe distracting him from work?

The hospital is such a frenetic place, especially Denver Memorial, and Emily is constantly being spun around. So much is going on all day long. I think they're welcome distractions. His patients aren't dying left and right. It's not like he's losing at work. He still kind of able to balance everything. If not, it's like maybe a welcome relief from the living and dying that's going on.

Who is he most leaning on during all these episodes so far?

I'd say he leans most on when he's not leaning on himself Emily. I think Micah tries to collect himself and plow ahead, and he's not fazed. And he can handle it all. I think Emily is a light in this world that he can kind of go to and open up and be a little honest with how he's feeling.

In this love square, why should we root for Micah?

It is a square, you're right. Why should you root for Micah? I don't know. I'm so taken with Will. I can't really tell you. I don't know. I don't really have perspective on it to say that.

Why should we root for Will?

He's really tall, if you haven't noticed. Micah's a good guy. I think he's a good guy, and he's got a good heart. As much as I can tell, there's no demons on anything. I think she would be very happy with Micah.

He didn’t turn her down like Will did.

He's just waiting for her to ask. He'll do whatever.

Do Will and Micah have any relationship at all?

They're beginning to pit them against each other, a little bit. Not in a sort of good and evil way, but Will makes a bad call, and Micah calls him on it because it was stupid. And these are lives that are on the line, and you can't not wait for test results. You need to wait for test results before you order medication, no matter how obvious it may be. So that was the first time you sort of see them have a scene together and kind of go up against each other, although, as I said, he's very tall.

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