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The Bachelor

How Is The Bachelor Pad Played? You Asked, We Answered!

If you’re a casual viewer of The Bachelor Pad, you may have wondered at some point, “what exactly are the rules of this game?” Honestly, you may have asked one or two times even if you’re a frequent viewer. While our original understanding of the game was simply whoever gets the most hot tub action wins, it’s apparently more complicated that that!

The Bachelor Pad is a reality game show that allows past contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to compete for a second chance at love and a shot at a $250,000 cash prize. In the beginning of the season, each contestant votes for a contestant of the opposite sex to eliminate, and the man and woman with the highest votes is sent home. It’s sort of like Survivor, but with a Dating Game flair.

The final eight contestants pair up and complete challenges together and go on dates. It gets a little fuzzy there during the latter part of the game, but what we are pretty clear on is the endgame.

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In the finale, the losers vote for the winning couple, who then face a “Prisoner’s Dilemma.” Separately, they must decide whether to split the money or keep it for themselves, but they can’t hear how the other has responded until after the fact.

If they both choose “share,” they each receive $125,000. Not bad for a couple weeks of work! If both choose to keep the money, it’s divided among the losers and they each receive nothing but the satisfaction of knowing they’re selfish meanies. However, if only one half of the couple chooses to keep it, the greedy one is rewarded with the entire $250,000 prize while the nice guy (or girl) is eliminated. This final outcome was the way things went down on Bachelor Pad 3, wherein Nick Peterson took the money and ran, leaving his partner Rachel Truehart with nothing. That’s way harsh, Nick.

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