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Is It Too Soon For Castle and Beckett to Talk Babies?

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurts … or thinks he infertile.

When Rick fired Gabriel Winters’ — aka Captain Max’s — thorian blaster in Monday night's Castle, "The Final Frontier," our loveable crime-writer came to believe there could be heavy side effects from the radiation. This only sent him into major freakout mode!

Beckett joked around with her beau, but she was all ears when he brought up the subject of fertility. “You want more kids?” Beckett asked. Without missing a beat, Castle replied, “I’d like the option.” And who didn’t notice that giant grin on Beckett’s face moments later?

Now, typically after a couple starts dating, we’d say stay far, far away from the uber-serious baby talk topic for a hot minute — it’s only been six episodes, people. But then again, they’ve been doing this dance for four long years, and have had more scares and near-death experiences than we can possibly count. So, if they want to actually have “the talk,” who are we to say no? Let’s just hope it brings them closer together, and wasn’t simply a slip of the tongue.

Well, Castle fans, what do you think? Is it way too soon for Castle and Beckett to hover over the baby topic? Or, since times a tickin’, should they just get it out of the way, before someone tries to kill them again?

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11.7.2012 / 08:25 PM EDT by Alana McMillan
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