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Jersey Shore

Snooki vs. Deena Nicole: Which Jersey Shore Girl Has Changed the Most? (PHOTOS)

Between Snooki and Deena Nicole's quick rise to stardom and crazy physical transformations, it looks like the Jersey Shore gals should have won the "Most Likely to Change" superlatives in their High School yearbooks.

Back in their school days (left), Deena rocked thinner eyebrows and natural teeth. Now (right), the guidette chick has admitted to getting oral surgery this year to fix her smile. She's also worked hard on her physique in recent months, losing 15 lbs. and two dress sizes.

Similarly, in her High School days (left), Snooki showed off super shaped eyebrows, a dark guidette tan, and curly hair — a stark contrast to her paler complexion and straight hair nowadays (right). Not to mention the fact that the former party girl went from cannot-be-tamed to a young mom and wife-to-be.

Our girls are growing up so fast! Who do you think has changed the most since their teenage years? Let us know in the reaction buttons below.

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