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Teen Mom

Teen Moms React to President Obama’s Big Win!

It's a big day for the USofA, y'all! President Barack Obama has secured himself another term in the Oval Office, which means he's ruling the Teen Mom roost! Because, clearly, watching Teen Mom is the most important thing on Obama's agenda.

The Teen Moms were pretty passionate in this year's race to the White House, and they have all kinds of things to say now that Obama has won. We've rounded up reactions from Twitter, the holy land where Teen Moms dish their most passionate musings.

Briana Dejesus: "Four more years baby, four more!@barackobama"

Gary Shirley: "I'm celebrating in the bathroom right now. Yay......"

Alexandria Sekella: "'The only problem with socialism is sooner or later you run out of other people's money' Margaret thatcher"

Jenelle Evans: "OBAMAGIAN!!!! :] #4MoreYears :] #YES"

Farrah Abraham: "Mitt Romney won Popular vote. Sadly #Obama gets to completely ruin our economy Congrats!!!" (Edit note: Romney did not win popular vote)

Corey Simms: "Wow.... We are soooooooo screwed!!! I'm so in shock right now!!! Good luck to everyone hope y'all make it in the next 4 years!!"

What was your reaction to the election, Teen Mom fans?

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11.7.2012 / 09:00 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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