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The X Factor

The X Factor’s Paige Thomas Talks About Her New Look — Is It True to Who She Is, or Just a Stunt? Exclusive

When we first saw The X Factor contestant Paige Thomas, we were overcome by her gorgeous voice, her beautiful face, and her sweet story. Lucky for us, we get to keep seeing Paige on a weekly basis... at least so far. This week, she’ll face the first public vote during the second round of Live Shows.

So, before you cast your vote, get to know the spiked helmet-wearing single mom and songstress. Wetpaint Entertainment had the chance to talk to her exclusively about her experiences on the show thus far when we ran into her at The X Factor Top 12 Party on November 5.

We know you have a three-year-old daughter. What’s your favorite song to sing to her?
It’s not necessarily my favorite song to sing to her but the one we like to sing together is “Whip Your Hair” by Willow Smith. She goes crazy for that song so we be whippin’ our hair even though I don’t have much hair to whip and neither does she.

Does she understand at all what you’re doing right now?
I tried to explain it; she gets it when she sees me on TV. The first episode she was on TV and they kind of went back and forth with her so when she sees me on TV she’s like “oooh momma’s on TV so Jade’s going to be on TV.”

Going forward, what would you like to say about who you are in real life and on the show?
I want to say just really embrace being different. I’m a different person, some people understand me, some people don’t. I take risks, I feel like if you fit into society’s stereotypes, it’s death, ultimately. So I just like to stand out and be who I am. Sometimes when I’m feeling crazy, I dress crazy. I wanted to change my hair and it was definitely something Demi pitched to me and something I’d been thinking about for a while. So, everything I’ve done so far is something I’ve been wanting to do. Sometimes I think people get mixed up thinking that it’s something else but this is really who I am.

Would you say that is your strategy, to think outside the box and be a risk-taker?
Yeah, I mean not necessarily my strategy but it’s definitely who I am. I’ve always mixed it up and this is just what I am embracing right now with my life.

Does your mentor Demi understand you as an artist?
Absolutely, and that’s why I’m really excited to be with her because she understands that I like to be different. I don’t necessarily fit in sometimes and she understands that and she really likes the fact that I’m embracing it and using that and channeling that into my performance.

What do you like most about Demi?
I love that Demi has an old soul, she’s gone through a lot, and she has overcome [a lot], and she’s positive and I love her laugh — her laugh is amazing. Every time I hear it, it’s so contagious... I love it.

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11.7.2012 / 07:30 PM EDT by Lindsey Jordahl
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