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Teen Mom

Which Teen Mom 3 Gal Has the Best Style?

Remember back in the good ol' days when MTV's Teen Moms would wander around in giant leopard print snuggies, velour Juicy Jumpsuits, and Uggs with sweatpants tucked into them? Sigh, how times have changed.

The new crop of Teen Moms are fabulously fashionable, and they're ready to style themselves pretty for all y'all viewers! The real question? Which Teen Mom 3 has the best look? All four of these ladies dress to impress, but the time has come to vote on your favorite fashionista.

Alexandria Sekella: Considering that Alex's baby daddy is hemp-necklace wearing hippie, we're happy she doesn't wander around in leafy hoodies. Alex actually has great style! We've seen her rock some seriously cute blazers, scarves — and don't even get us started on the fab beach outfits she wore during her trip to Bermuda.

Mackenzie Douthit: This gal is a southern belle through and through! Mackenzie's style is sporty-yet-girly, and she usually pairs cute jeans with a funky belt and flouncy top. Mackenzie loves showing off her gorgeous legs, and we love that she isn't afraid to work it in cowboy boots. Western wear at it's finest!

Katie Yeager: This teen mommy has a cute vintage look that's to die for! She often wears sweet, floral accessories in her hair, and usually drifts towards bold patterns that make a statement. And nope, we've never seen her in Pink by Victoria's Secret. Success!

Briana Dejesus: Briana might just be the most fashionable gal on Teen Mom 3. Her short hair makes her look sleek and sophisticated, and her style is funky-yet-feminine. You won't see any cheetah print in this gal's closet! Actually, that's a lie and all of us know it.

Which Teen Mom 3 do you think has the best fashion? Vote it out!

Can't wait for Teen Mom 3!

They all look great!

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