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The X Factor

X Factor’s Top 12 Fashion Face-off: Which of Britney’s Teens Has the Best Style?

At the November 5 X Factor Party, the contestants made some serious fashion statements. Get to know your Top 12 by the clothes on their backs.

17-year-old Arin Ray kept it casual and metro-urban, in a leather jacket, infinity scarf, and tight jeans. Did L.A. Reid dress you, buddy?

Beatrice Miller continued to showcase the quirky style she’s been saddled with. We’re pretty sure the 13 year old’s pants were sponsored by Fruit Stripe gum. Yipes! SO many stripes.

13-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar looks darling and ice princess chic in a mother-approved fit-n-flare dress. Does she look like she’s having fun? Not really ever, but she does look gorgeous.

Fashion Winner: Arin. His simple style and good looks make this a flawless look.

Top Contender:
Carly Rose. Bea did best on the first live show, but with Carly's stage experience, she noses ahead.

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